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Football Soccer Artificial Grass

Artificial grass (artificial turf) is a surface of synthetic fibres that looks like the natural grass.  It is most commonly used in football, cricket, and other games stadiums. The main reason behind using the artificial grass is that it requires no trimming and irrigation.

The stadiums or places that are covered require artificial grass because they don’t get enough sunlight to grow the grass and keep it healthy. Below mentioned are the 10 places where artificial grass can be used:

  • Football
  • Field hockey
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Arid landscaping
  • Residential lawns
  • Ski and snowboard parks
  • Tennis
  • On indoor putting green

Advantages of using artificial grass Abu Dhabi

  • When the environment is hostile to natural grass, artificial grass is the best solution.
  • It is ideal for holiday homes where regular maintenance is not possible.
  • It is very easy to clean the artificial grass by using vacuum cleaner or a broom.
  • Houses that have no space for gardens can use this to create roof gardens and also around pool areas.
  • Water consumption as it requires n o water to grow.
  • No mud requires
  • Pet friendly
  • Looks real
  • Kids love it
  • UV stable
  • UV mowing
  • Pollen free
  • Very low maintenance

Today, the technology has improved so dramatically that artificial grass suppliers have taken on projects ranging from simple putting greens and residential landscaping, to a ski run, airport runways, motorway embankments and even a training ground.

  1. Traditional options fall short when it comes to consistent safety protection. Surfaces constructed of mulch, gravel or sand tends to be less safe as time goes by.
  2. Rubber surface playgrounds do offer more consistent protection. However, these surfaces can create a host of new concerns. In the summer they absorb the heat. In the winter they can become hard and brittle which will compromise the integrity of the protection it offers.
  3. Our Artificial Turf  Ground is the only playground surface that provides consistent safety standards in high traffic areas, in any weather, at any height, and under all types of play equipment. While safety is our number one concern, there is much other advantage to using the Artificial Turf. caters to the elite hotels of Dubai and all across UAE including Novotel hotels, Ibis Hotels and many more.

We also provide doorstep service where customers can choose from samples with no obligation to buy. With the addition of free consultation measuring and estimate services we ensure to facilitate beloved clients at maximum.

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